About Us

Understanding Research is intended for patients, managers, clinicians, and any other stakeholders interested in research and collaboration with researchers.

We created the website to:

  • Help stakeholders understand and use a common research language
  • Enable research teams, patients, and members of the public to prepare their partnerships
  • Guide research teams, patients, and members of the public through the important steps of research
  • Provide research teams, patients, and members of the public with resources that will help them in their partnerships

The team behind this website includes:

But, this website would not be possible without the contributions of:

  • Our Patient Partners and the Chronic Pain Network
  • Academic partners: Robin Melanson, Reem El Sherif, Paula Bush, Nadia Sourial, Araceli Gonzalez Reyes, Jessica Lange

The Unité de Soutien SSA Québec strives to make possible the continuous improvement of the health system as well as the care and services provided to the population.

We help institutions, organizations, decision-makers and staff working in health care, research and social services to work differently (data management, data use, change management, working in partnerships) toward a common goal: achieving a Learning Health System in Quebec.

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